1.The Assessed Plate (Class V; H'cap, Indian Horses rated 4 to 30.)
(About) 1800 Metres. Time: 1.30 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. CHARMING STAR61.5030Kingda Ka-Charmstone(USA)Narendra Lagad
2. CHIEFTAIN61.5030Roderic O'Connor-AemiliaNazzak B Chenoy
3. SUNLORD61.5030Roderic O'Connor-HeiressP. Shroff
4. LIGHTNINGONMYFEET61.0029Excellent Art-ShamaalImtiaz A. Sait
5. BRAZOS60.5028Authorized-Mitsina(GB)M. K. Jadhav
6. ALPHA GENE59.0025Smuggler's Cove-Beldon Hill(USA)Ivor Fernandes
7. KAMARIA59.0025David Livingston-Ridawana(IRE)Karthik G.
8. HOT TO TROT57.5022Varenar-Chamela Bay(IRE)Imtiaz A. Sait
9. WALK THE TALK51.009Speaking of Which-Romantic SceneImtiaz A. Sait
Weights lowered by 0.5 kg at Handicap stage.
2.The Glasnost Plate (Terms, Maiden Indian Horses, 3 years old only.)
(About) 1600 Metres. Time: 2.00 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. BOTERO56.00 - Western Aristocrat-VerbierP. Shroff
2. WILLY WONKAA56.00 - Smuggler's Cove-Enchanted ForestVishal Gaikwad
3. ZUCCARELLI56.0053Western Aristocrat-Circle of BlissP. Shroff
4. ANIMOUS54.5027Ampere-WestphaliaKarthik G.
5. ESFIR54.5026Surfrider-AgilitySanjay Kolse
3.The Gulamhusein Essaji Trophy - Division II (Class IV; H'cap, Indian Horses, 4 years old and over, rated 20 to 46 (0 to 19 eligible).)
(About) 1400 Metres. Time: 2.30 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. RAECHELLES PRIDE59.0037Tenth Star-No Complaining(IRE)Vishal Gaikwad
2. IMMEASURABLE56.5032Multidimensional-PricewiseP. Shroff
3. BRAVE EAGLE55.5030Power-Translation(GB)P. Shroff
4. SEMINOLE55.0029Speaking of Which-BethpageBezan Chenoy
5. FLASH FORCE54.5028Varenar-Gavotte(GB)H. J. Antia
6. WINTER STORM54.0027Phoenix Tower-VelocitaImtiaz A. Sait
7. FEEL LUCKY52.5024Planetaire-LuckyAdil Dajee
8. PRINCESS SNOW52.5024Surfrider-SnowingNarendra Lagad
9. BOLD ADVANCE52.0023Arazan-Yesteryear(GB)Narendra Lagad
10. MARLBORO MAN51.5022Royal Gladiator-Moneypenny(IRE)Subhag Singh
11. WAFY51.0021Sedgefield-Sweet Essence(USA)Imtiaz A. Sait
Weights raised by 1.5 kg at Acceptance stage.
4.The Party Whip Plate (Terms, Maiden Indian Horses, 3 years old only.)
(About) 1200 Metres. Time: 3.00 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. CONNAUGHT56.00 - Roderic O'Connor-DramaramaBezan Chenoy
2. JUGHEAD56.0030Sedgefield-SolangeAltaf Hussain
3. NORD56.00 - Kingda Ka-Snow Cannon(IRE)H. J. Antia
4. PERFECT MAN56.0030Perfect Stride-PeoriaS. S. Shah
5. RED RIOT56.00 - Sussex-GaeaH. J. Antia
6. ANGELS TRUMPET54.50 - Planetaire-Mink Glove(IRE)Subhag Singh
7. CAMDEN TOWN54.5027Phoenix Tower-Bernsteinkuste(USA)Imtiaz A. Sait
8. KINNARA54.5027Kingman-Mujadil Draw(IRE)P. Shroff
5.The Serum Institute of India R.W.I.T.C. Ltd Gold Cup (Grade 2) (Terms, Horses, 4 years old and over.)
(About) 2000 Metres. Time: 3.30 P.M.
Foreign Jockeys Eligible
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. PARISIAN59.00105Champs Elysees-Anywaysmile(IRE)P. Shroff
2. CAPRISCA57.0091Steinbeck-XiscaImtiaz A. Sait
3. TRULY EPIC57.0088Mull of Kintyre-Sun ControlImtiaz A. Sait
4. APSARA STAR55.5091Win Legend-ActuateJ. E. Mckeown
Weights raised by 7 kg at Acceptance stage.
6.The Gulamhusein Essaji Trophy - Division I (Class IV; H'cap, Indian Horses, 4 years old and over, rated 20 to 46 (0 to 19 eligible).)
(About) 1400 Metres. Time: 4.00 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. NORTHERN LIGHTS61.0044Lethal Force-Prescription(GB)P. Shroff
2. RED CARNATION60.5043Varenar-Charlotte Point(USA)Narendra Lagad
3. EVANGELINE58.0038Kingda Ka-Smoke Ring(IRE)Vishal Gaikwad
4. SERGIO57.5037China Visit-SerrafinaSanjay Kolse
5. MULTISTARRER56.5035Multidimensional-Glorious ColoursImtiaz A. Sait
6. MAGIC IN THE WIND56.0034Leitir Mor-Black Magic WomanM. K. Jadhav
7. WINTER56.0034Arazan-Snow DewNazzak B Chenoy
8. STARS FOR YOU55.5033Arazan-Starry EyesRehanullah Khan
9. CHANCELLOR55.0032Win Legend-WoodbergD. Todywalla
10. NOBLE LORD54.0030Planetaire-Noble LadyImtiaz A. Sait
11. POWER OF THOR51.0024Whatsthescript-Octagleam(GB)Narendra Lagad
7.The Villoo C. Poonawalla Pune City Gold Cup (Grade 3) (Terms, Horses, 3 years old and over.)
(About) 1600 Metres. Time: 4.30 P.M.
Foreign Jockeys Eligible
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. BORN QUEEN59.00115Tazahum-State SecretS. Narredu
2. ALLURING SILVER56.00102Leitir Mor-Personal Allure(USA)P. Shroff
3. AUGUSTUS CAESAR54.0097Holy Roman Emperor-Snowy Day In La(IRE)Altamaash Ahmed
4. FLYING VISIT54.0097China Visit-Ooh Aah Camara(IRE)Imtiaz A. Sait
5. GRAND ACCORD54.00100Dream Ahead-Glebe Queen(IRE)Karthik G.
6. SULTAN SULEIMAN54.00103Arazan-Saffron Dancer(IRE)Altaf Hussain
7. VICTORIOUS SERMON54.00104Whatsthescript-CrystalVishal Gaikwad
8. RAMBUNCTIOUS51.0088Kingda Ka-Circle of BlissP. Shroff
Weights raised by 2.5 kg at Acceptance stage.
8.The Allied Forces Plate (Class V; H'cap, Indian Horses, 5 years old and over, rated 4 to 30.)
(About) 1200 Metres. Time: 5.00 P.M.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. CARLOS60.5028Leitir Mor-Sorrento Steel(GB)Adil Dajee
2. TIMELESS DEEDS60.5028Varenar-EleganteNarendra Lagad
3. GRAND ARCHITECT59.5026Dean's Kitten-Sacred LawBezan Chenoy
4. SANDRA'S SECRET59.0025Sedgefield-Sinai(IRE)Imtiaz A. Sait
5. POWER OF NEATH58.5024Phoenix Tower-NeathS. N. Joshi
6. ISTANBUL55.5018Total Gallery-SatineFaisal A. Abbas
7. TOUGH COP53.5014Phoenix Tower-AutocopS. S. Shah
8. SMART CHOICE51.5010Intense Focus-Cashel Queen(USA)Vijay Kasbekar
9. ARABIAN STORM50.508Admiralofthefleet-Arabian RoseNarendra Lagad
10. ARABIAN MUKTAR50.007Mull of Kintyre-Arhaaff(IRE)Vijay Kasbekar
11. GREY FALCON50.007Kingda Ka-TrisaraNarendra Lagad
Weights lowered by 0.5 kg at Handicap stage.
The Mount Rose Plate (Class III; H'cap, Indian Horses rated 40 to 66 (20 to 39 eligible).)
(About) 2400 Metres.
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1. THEON56.5054Multidimensional-FontainebleauP. Shroff
2. BOLD LEGEND53.0047Win Legend-Bold ReplyP. Shroff
Weights raised by 0.5 kg at Handicap stage.
This race has been declared VOID



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