Managing Committee of the Club

The management of the Club and the control over the funds and property of the Club vests in the Committee consisting of 9 Club Members elected by the Club Members in accordance with the provisions contained in the Articles of Association of the Club. In addition to this there are two Government Nominees on the Committee who are usually the Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, Home Department and the Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, Revenue and Forests Department. The Committee retires every year. The Chairman is elected by the Members of the Managing Committee.

The following are the Committee Members of the Club at present:

  • Mr. S. R. Sanas (Chairman)
  • Mr. Gautam P. Lala
  • Mr. Jaydev M. Mody
  • Mr. Jiyaji M. Bhosale
  • Mr. Khushroo N. Dhunjibhoy
  • Dr. Ram H Shroff
  • Mr. Shiven Surendranath
  • Mr. Sunil G. Jhangiani
  • Mr. Vijay B. Shirke
  • Mr. Anand M. Limaye,IAS(Govt. Nominee)
  • Dr. Nitin Kareer, IAS (Govt. Nominee)