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"I have the Club's interests at heart" - Lt Gen A K Singh

Posted on - 26 Sep 2012

"I have the Club's interests at heart" - Lt Gen A K Singh 

By Mahendra Mallya
The recently renovated Ball room at the Turf Club House of the RWITC played host to the G-O-C in Chief, Lt Gen A K Singh who spoke on Matters Military and the role of the Army, on National security as also during several other chaotic situations that arise from time to time across the country. His articulate diction along with a power-point presentation, provided a vivid understanding of the major role that the army plays in maintaining peace in the region, as well as carrying out diverse rescue operations and restore normalcy from any calamity thus  providing the civil society a sense of peace and tranquility.  
Mr Kishore Mansukhani, a prominent member of the Club and a close associate of the General, introduced the Commander and welcomed him to address the gathering. Before Gen AK Singh took the dais, Mr Vivek Jain, Chairman, RWITC, also extended a warm welcome to  the Army Commander.
“This rare coup of having the GOC-in-C address members, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Club, and the fantastic show put up by the Army on Southern Command Day, is proof enough, if any were required, of the growing rapport in the relationship between the RWITC and the Local Military, which we hope to nurture and grow,” Mr Jain said.   
Mr Jain presented a memento, a beautiful horse head to the Army Commander, and Lt Gen A K Singh referred to the insignia of the RWITC and the Southern Command on the backdrop, which he said signified the co-operation the two entities seek and hope to maintain, notwithstanding the slight aberration in the legal proceedings earlier in the year.
Lt Gen AK Singh then took the stage and at his behest a sizable painting was unvield. The attractive piece of art was a magnanimous gift from the General on behalf of his unit to the RWITC, as a gesture of cordiality between the two entities. This unprecedented gesture was acknowledged by an appreciative applaud from the audience.  
Lt Gen Singh then spoke at length and described the crucial role played by the Army in not only defense activities, but also assisting significantly, during major mishaps both natural and accidental. He gave an insight into the dangers that the jawans and officers counter at the long borders with volatile neighbours. “The army is well prepared for any eventuality, to tackle any emergency round the clock. I want to state that the Indian Army is ready and competent  to face any challenge,” he said.
After his address, the National Anthem played on the screen showing the army’s incredible activities in saving lives, working in extremely challenging conditions. Visuals showed brave soldiers and their officers undertaking high-risk jobs in unimaginably tough scenarios. A clipping  of ultimate sacrifices that the brave selfless men made for the good of the nation, was touching. Another thunderous applaud followed the audio-visual and discussions on the impressive presentation carried on until much later. 
The General then opened the floor for an interaction with members of the audience. The main concern was about the racecourse land issue and most members wanted to know the Generals view on the matter. General AK Singh emphasized that the prime importance was to ensure that both the racing fraternity and the Army co-existed in harmony.
“I am a keen sports person and horse-riding is one of my favourite passions. I love the sport too. You saw the enthusiasm with which we presented the Southern Command day. We are keen to resolve the matter and I will personally do whatever needed to arrive at a mutually benefiting understanding. I assure you, that no matter where I take charge, I will turn up whenever required and keep in mind the Club’s interests” said the GOC-in-C amidst another round of applause.

The General was warm and friendly and genuinely meant all that he said. It was evident in every statement he made on the issue that, no matter what, racing should thrive without hindrance. He even took an instant call in assigning an officer on the spot, to address the issues that some of the professionals present had voiced. This was a rare show of spontaneous action after an assurance and this is an indication that the issue is now being dealt with on a very positive note.   

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