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No Certainty for Radio Mirchi Indian 1000 Guineas - By Mahendra Mallya

Posted on - 11 Dec 2011

Most of the professionals can’t seem to zero-in on the one prospective winning choice for the Radio Mirchi Indian 1000 Guineas to be run this afternoon. However, Smashing and Hills And Stars took the prime spots as leading contenders. Most feel that the pace of the race will have a huge bearing on the outcome of the race. Read on to know the pulse first hand from the big players of the game.
Vivek Jain: It is one of the most competitive and high quality Guineas in decades. In anybody’s race, I pick Alma Mater. My filly Romantique is very well and in a strong pace, can figure prominently.

Champaklal Zaveri: Looks an open race to me heading for an exciting finish. My pick would be from Smashing & Hills And Stars. Don’t be surprised if you see a cluster at the wire.
Z S Poonawalla: Black Magic Woman looks good to me. She should give a good account of herself.
B A Engineer: It’s going to be a greast day and we are bracing for some terrific action. Can’t say with conviction about who will win, the Guineas looks wide open to me.
NHS Mani: After a long time such a close race is on the cards. It appears too competitive to me. I am focussing on overseeing the event goes well and I am totally involved with the organizing part. All I would like to say is that may the best filly win. I wish every entrant the best of luck.
Shiven Surendranath: It’s an amazing line-up and this makes it a great race. Just look at the CV of the contenders! So many of them have done extremely well. Smashing, Hills And Stars, Alma Mater, Vittoria, Balck Magic Woman have proved themselves in their respective assignments and now they are all pitted against each other. I am waiting to lap up the action. 
Mohit Lalvani: On paper it appears that Hills And Stars, Smashing and Black Magic Woman have the best chance. Alma Mater is the one who could gate-crash into the limelight. It’s a great race to watch and I am going to enjoy myself thoroughly giving account of the proceedings on the television.
Kelly Kotwal: Black Magic Woman ran a great race to beat Forest Flair. She came from behind and her final burst was impressive. I feel she has what it takes, to pull it off.

Bezan Chinoy: It’s anybody’s race. Both my fillies are in good shape. Vittoria has done everything right and is right up there with any in the field. She will also stay the trip well. Black Magic Woman is speedy and on her day, is a force to reckon with.
Imtiaz Sait: It’s a very exciting and open race. More than half the field has a realistic chance. Smashing, Hills And Stars have proven themselves to take the prime contenders’ status. I am hoping Romantique runs a big race, which she is quite capable of.
Pesi Shroff: I think all my fillies should do well. Smashing is in great form, she comes into the race with the best credentials. Alma Mater and Botswana have the depth and quality too. Rebecca is just peaking well. I am looking forward to the great race.
Narendra Lagad: I feel Smashing is the filly to watch out for. She has done extremely well up to now and there is no reason why she shouldn’t stretch her winning streak.
Dallas Todywalla: I feel Smashing has a strong chance to claim top honours. She is a classy filly and has everything it takes to succeed at this top level.
Rehanullah Khan: Difficult to make just one choice as they are too closely matched. I would pick between Smashing, Alma Mater and Vittoria.
Malesh Narredu: Hills And Stars looks a good candidate to me. She won the Nanoli Pune Derby in style beating the colts and will be fresh to renew her battle.
Magan Singh: Smashing and Hills And Stars are the top contenders. I think they will all go close. It will be a great race indeed.
MK Jadhav: Hills And Stars looks a formidable contender. She won the Pune Derby very well and she beat the colts too. She is looking good in her work and Vinayak seems to have a plan in her preparation. I feel she is ready to strike.
Karthik G: I feel Hills And Stars and Smashing are the prime contenders. Haunting Fantasy is fit and well and she has it in her to spring a surprise.

C Rajendra: Technically speaking, the pace of the race is crucial. On paper though, Hills And Stars and Smashing look tough opponents. Romantique needs ground and might feel the mile a touch sharp. If the pace is on the slower side, it will help my cause. I am ready to take on the rest while hoping for the best.

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