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Behram A. Engineer, Secretary RWITC, Retires - 40 year-Long Innings Culminates Today - By Mahendra Mallya

Posted on - 30 Nov 2016

Behram A. Engineer, Secretary RWITC, Retires
40 year-Long Innings Culminates Today
By Mahendra Mallya
Mr Behram A. Engineer is a personality that is stern yet friendly, demure in nature but aggressive at the work desk and also a task master, yet humane to his work force. The familiar face at the RWITC for forty long years leaves the RWITC which probably for him was his first home!
During last Sunday's races, past Chairmen, current Committee Members and officials in the numbers felicitated Behram while bidding him a fond farewell. 
Dr Cyrus Poonawalla recalled the occasion when Behram was inducted into the RWITC fold. "Behram's father brought him to me and said, 'you must hire him, he will prove a worthy investment' and I took him seriously," said Dr Poonawalla. "I now realize how right Engineer Sr was, as Behram has proved over the years that he indeed was a wise investment. His loyalty to the Club has been unquestionable. He has served the Club in various capacities and has always proved to be a worthy candidate to carry out any given task efficiently. I wish him a great future and thank him for his long and sincere service to the Club."
Mr Behram Engineer joined the Club way back in 1976 as an accountant and within a year rose to become the Chief Accountant. His dedication and hard work saw him being designated as Assistant Secretary cum Chief Accountant in 1986 and the following year he was elevated as Assistant Secretary - Finance and Accounts. Within a year he was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the Club and was soon to be the Additional Secretary in 1991. He assumed the top post as the Secretary, RWITC in 1994 and was soon given the additional responsibility as Keeper of the Indian Stud Book in 1995.   
Coming back to his felicitation, Dr Shashi Chand Jain, another former Chairman of the RWITC also expressed his appreciation. "Behram has carried out his responsibilities skillfully and has been an asset to the club. He was most reliable and went about his duties with passion and honesty. I wish him well for the future." Dr Jain has been at the helm of the RWITC for the longest term, hence his liaison with Behram has been the longest.  
Mr Vivek Jain, the current Chairman of the RWITC presented a memento to Mr Behram Engineer amidst applause. "I am going to miss a fine man. Behram has taken a great amount of work load and made things slightly easier for me. I tried to persuade him to reconsider and stay on, but he said he was already committed to join hands with his daughter in starting a Chartered Accountancy firm. I had to let him go, reluctantly though, but not before he assured me that he would be available for his inputs whenever needed. His has been a truly inspirational career and he has stuck by the Club all through these past four decades. A service as long in tenure as this one and as hectic as that of our Club, managed so well, deserves the highest accolades and on behalf of everyone here, I wish Behram great success on his new venture ahead."
During his tenure as the Secretary of the Club, Behram held several important designations. He was the Secretary-General, Turf Authorities of India. He was also the Secretary-General for the 36th Asian Racing Conference (ARC) 2016, hosted in India that saw a mammoth delegation from across the globe congregating at Mumbai in January this year. The success of the ARC perhaps marked the acumen of Behram Engineer in which his organizing skills came to the fore. This certainly was the landmark moment of his illustrious career. The numerous positive and appreciative feedback from the delegation, post the ARC, testify the smooth manner in which such a huge event was conducted chiefly by the RWITC workforce and is a feather in the cap for Behram and his team, along with the Chairman of the ARC Dr Cyrus Poonawalla and the Turf Authorities of India. 
Mr Engineer has also been the member of the IFHA Technical Advisory Committee and has been attending the meetings for the past eight years. He was also the Convenor of the Indian Pattern Committee. Behram has represented the RWITC and the Turf Authorities of India for the International Conference of Horse Racing Authorities held in Paris on several occasions. He has represented the Indian Stud Book at the International Stud Book Committee Meet held in England several times as well. 
Behram Engineer has been a multi-faceted asset for the RWITC and his long presence at the Secretariat, both in Mumbai and in Pune will be greatly missed. Every Chairman, every committee member will vouch for his dedication, loyalty and his readiness to work at any given hour. Candidates such as Behram sadly do not come too often. But then they do come, they serve with distinction and alas one fine day, they have to hang their boots too! Today is the day that Behram will retire with great honour, dignity and a sense of achievement. Wish you the very best Behram, its may be Sunset time today, but a new Sunrise is just appearing on the horizon for you. 

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