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Letter Inviting Entries for Annual Sale 2015

Posted on - 24 Jun 2014



6, Arjun Marg,
PUNE  411 001
No:SBD/AS-2015/E/14/1247                                                                                Date : 23 Jun 2014
Dear Sirs,
RE : Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. (“RWITC, LTD.”) ANNUAL SALE - 2015
1.    This letter invites entries into the Catalogue for the Annual Sale of Two-Year-Olds (foals of 2013) and thereafter entry into the Sale Venue to be conducted by the Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd. at the Race Course, Pune.
2.    Vendors are requested to PERUSE CAREFULLY the contents of this letter and the attached copy of Conditions of Sales, as the acceptance of the entry by the RWITC Ltd., is subject to the vendors accepting these specific conditions. The Vendors, by the very act of making an entry, signify their acceptance of these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.
----------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT -----------------------------------------------------
3.    Acceptance of an entry for the Catalogue or arrival of a lot at the Sales venue at Pune does not automatically entitle the Vendor/Owner of the Two-Year-Old for racing stable accommodation in Western India. The same shall be as per the norms formulated by the Stewards of the Club and will be at their sole discretion and subject to change, as necessary, from time to time.
Date & Timing
4.    The Sale will be conducted on Thursday, 05 Feb 2015 commencing at 3.00 p.m.
General Eligibility for the Sales
5.    The Sale is open to 2013 - born foals recorded in the Return of Mares 2013 provided that their Certificates of Identity have been finally registered by the date of entry.
6.    Entries must be made on the prescribed forms provided and must be accompanied by the covering letter attached to them. A person making an entry as an agent must also attach an Authority Letter / Form from the owner/s of the said lot unless the same is already registered with the RWITC Ltd. If no Authority Letter / Form is attached / registered the person/s making the entry will be liable to pay the full Catalogue entry fee of Rs. 8,000/-(along with Service Tax, as applicable) and which aforesaid Catalogue entry is not refundable under any circumstances or reason whatsoever including in case where the lot is withdrawn due to non-submission of Authority Letter / Form.  Copies of Authority Letters / Forms may be made if more copies are required. Authorities which are valid until revoked, shall be accepted/permitted if so specifically worded and in case of revocation of such authorities, such revocation of authorities must be done in writing and submitted to the office of RWITC Ltd. Authority Letters / Forms must be submitted to the office of the RWITC Ltd. not later than the date stipulated by RWITC Ltd. from time to time, failing which the lot shall be withdrawn due to non-submission of Authority Letter and the entire Catalogue Entry Fee of Rs. 8,000/- (along with Service Tax, as applicable) shall nevertheless be payable and be debited to the relevant account of the person/s concerned.
Charges Payable By The Vendor                         
7.    (a)   Entry Fee to the Catalogue         - Rs. 8,000/- per lot (Plus Service Tax of Rs. 988.80)
        (b)   Sales Venue Charge                   - Rs. 4,500/- per lot (Plus Service Tax of Rs. 556.20)
                                                            Total     Rs. 12,500/-  + Service Tax, as applicable
Payment Schedule of Charges
8.    The total said charges of Rs. 12,500/- + Service Tax at actual if levied on the Club are payable as per the following schedule:-
        (a)   Catalogue Entry Fee Rs. 8,000/- to be paid in two instalments as follows :-
               (i)    First Instalment:-
                       Rs. 4,000/- + Rs. 494.40 Service Tax         -           Due by 5.00 pm on 30 Sep 2014           
                       NOTE: This payment must be made at the time of making the entry.
               (ii)   Second Instalment:-
                       Rs. 4,000/- + Rs. 494.40 Service Tax         -           Due by 5.00 pm on 07 Jan 2015
        (b)   Sales Venue Charge on Lots Arriving for Sale in Pune - Rs. 4,500/- + Rs. 556.20 Service Tax.
               Note : Those lots that are entered in the Catalogue but do not arrive in Pune for the
               Sale will not have to pay this sum.
        (c)   Service taxes, other taxes, cess, surcharge, etc as prescribed by the Government are also payable.
Conditions For Instalment Payment
9.    The following conditions would be applicable for the Catalogue entry fee to be paid in two instalments :-
  (a)   Entries where the first instalment is paid by due date and accepted will be eligible to be published in the Catalogue.
  (b)   Those lots where the second instalment is not paid by due date will be automatically withdrawn and will not be permitted entry in the Sale Stables but the second instalment will remain due and payable to RWITC Ltd.
  (c)   If the vendor withdraws any lot entered for the Sale for any reason whatsoever including, Authority not received or sold, etc., the Catalogue entry fee of Rs. 8,000/- is compulsorily payable by the person / party / agent / entity making the entry and/or owner and the same is a non refundable amount.
  (d)    Non-payment of any of the instalments of the Catalogue entry fee by any Breeding Establishment/Vendor/Agent for any lot by the due dates would render the Breeding Establishment/Vendor/Agent liable to be put on the Sale Ban List and their other lots would NOT be permitted to participate in the Sale. The Club will also proceed against the Breeding Establishment, its directors/partners and/or Vendor and/or agent who are members for outstanding Club dues as per the Articles of Association of the Club.
  (e)   Debits to Stud Accounts for Catalogue Entry Fees, if requested, will only be made if there is sufficient credit balance in the Account. 
Arrival charges for lots Entering Racing Stables in Western India
10.  For lots entering racing stables in Western India, an arrival charge will be payable by the owner/owners of the lot on the day it enters a trainer’s yard. This amount is as decided by the Committee, RWITC Ltd., and notified by them from time to time and will be charged to the account of the trainer taking charge of the lot.
Closing Date of Entries
11.  Entries for the Catalogue will close at 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 30 September 2014. 
Entries received after the closing time, irrespective of any “force majeure” situations, will be treated as late entries unless proof of despatch at least 7 days prior to close of entry by Registered Post / Speed Post only is adduced.
12.  Entry fees must be paid by Demand Drafts or Cheques drawn on Banks and/or payable at par in Mumbai or Pune only (or electronic fund transfer to the RWITC Ltd bank accounts at Mumbai/Pune). Please note that upcountry Cheques will not be accepted. Entry fee can also be defrayed from Stud/RWITC Ltd. Racing Accounts provided there is sufficient credit in the concerned Accounts. Entries not accompanied by the First Instalment of Catalogue Fees will NOT be accepted.
Late Entries
13.  Entries received after 5.00 p.m. on 30 Sep 2014 upto 31 Oct 2014 will be treated as late entries. The late entries may be accepted on payment of late entry fee of Rs.  25,000/- per lot + Service Tax of Rs. 3,090/- will also be due to be remitted on the late fee. Entire late entry fee will be payable immediately. Entries received after 5.00 p.m. on 31 Oct 2014 will be accepted only at the discretion of the Annual Sale Working Group on a late entry fee as may be decided by the Committee of the Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd.
Acceptance of Entries
14.  The Committee of the Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd. reserves to itself the right to refuse entries for the Catalogue in its absolute discretion. In particular, the following types of entries are liable to be rejected :-
  • Entries not made on the prescribed forms and/or not accompanied by the covering letter. 
  • Entries made on forms incompletely filled in.
  • Entries not supported by Authority Letters / Forms.
  • Entries made by Vendors and/or their authorised Agents whose accounts with the Club are in debit or who have not paid the previous dues to the Club, including entry fees/forfeits for horses entered in the Poonawalla Breeders’ Million in any of the previous years.
  • Entries of lots not eligible for the Catalogue.
  • Unsigned entry forms and covering letters.
  • Entries made by Vendors or their agents whose entries are not to be accepted as per a resolution of the Committee of RWITC Ltd.
  • Entries made by persons to whom the letter inviting entries has not been sent.
Withdrawal of Lots
15.  Lots, if withdrawn by 01 December 2014 will be so published in the Catalogue. 
16.  Lots that die prior to arrival in Pune will be refunded the Catalogue entry fees (less Service Tax paid) actually paid, provided the same is informed to the In-charge, Annual Sale Cell before 21 Jan 2015. However, no refund is admissible after arrival in Sale Stables.
Entry Into Sale Stables
17.  Horses will be permitted to enter the Sale Stables only after 6.00 a.m. on 21 Jan 2015. However, all horses must arrive into the Annual Sale Stables by 5.00 p.m. on 31 Jan 2015. This is mandatory, as stipulated by the Senior Veterinary Officer, RWITCLtd. so as to facilitate timely issuance of Health Clearance Certificate well in time before the horses leave after the Sale.
18.  Lots whose authorities from owners is not lodged with RWITC Ltd. will not be permitted entry into Sale Stables.
19.  ANY HORSE THAT DOES NOT POSSESS THE STIPULATED HEALTH CERTIFICATES i.e. EIA/GLANDERS/EQUINE INFLUENZA OR ANY OTHER NOTIFIED DISEASE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER SALE OR R.W.I.T.C. STABLES. RWITC Ltd. will render help, without being bound to do so, in obtaining such Certificates, but it is the ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE VENDORS themselves to obtain the required Certificates and the Club will not be liable for errors/omissions on this account. For such help, administrative charges, as decided will be levied for each such Certificate. 
20.  Horses which have been duly withdrawn from the Catalogue or are not entered are not eligible for accommodation in Sale Stables.
21.  Sale stables cannot be used as transit stables for two-year-olds or mares or any other horses. RWITC Ltd. Stewards at their sole discretion may permit such horses to use other stables belonging to RWITC Ltd. on application and payment of prescribed stable charges and/or other terms and conditions as may be fixed by them. Such application shall be made before end of Dec 2014 to the Sr. Stipendiary Steward of RWITC Ltd only.
Horses Arriving For Sale
22.  All Lots arriving at the Sale Venue must pass through the Auction Ring unless:-
        (a)   their Sale forms are duly lodged with the Club; or,
        (b)   their withdrawal forms are duly lodged with the Club.
23.  Any Lot whose Sale form is lodged with the Club, will be automatically considered as being withdrawn from the Sale, unless the new Owner intimates, in writing, that the Lot will pass through the Ring.      
24.  Refusal of any Stud/Vendor or their agent or representative to bring a horse to the Sale Ring when, so ordered to do, by the In-Charge, Annual Sale Cell, or the Sr. Stipendiary Steward of RWITC Ltd shall entail a non-appearance charge of Rs. 20,000/-.
Direct Entry Into Trainers’ Yards
25.  Two-Year-Olds whether entered in the Catalogue or not may be permitted to enter the trainers’ yards at Pune on a date which will be separately notified by the Stewards of the RWITC Ltd. If such horses arrive before that date due prior permission shall be obtained from the Stewards of RWITC Ltd by the person in-charge of such horses before they arrive in Pune. Such permission may be given by the Stewards on such charges and terms and conditions as the Stewards deem fit. Such horses will not be permitted to be stabled at the Annual Sale Stables.
26.  The Draw of lots for the Catalogue will be held on Saturday, 1st November 2014 at 11.00 a.m. at the Office of the Stud Book Department, 6 Arjun Marg, Pune 411 001. Vendors or their authorized representatives are welcome to attend.
Conditions of Sales
27.  The Committee of the RWITC Ltd. reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to amend, modify and add to or delete any existing clauses in this letter and the attached Conditions of Sales.
                                                                                       Yours faithfully,
                                                                                    (N.H.S. MANI)
                                                                                Additional Secretary,
                                                      ROYAL WESTERN INDIA TURF CLUB, LTD.
P.S.  It is brought to the notice of all vendors that should they need any extra forms or covering letters, they can get them xeroxed from the ones enclosed or download them from

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