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Reduction in mobile phone charges for members of the club

Posted on - 18 Apr 2014

Reduction in mobile phone charges for members of the club
The Committee of the Club at its meeting held on 15th April 2014 considered the requests from a large section of members of the Club to reduce the charges for use of Mobile Phones. Whilst doing so the Committee also considered the point put forward by some of the members that the reduction in charges may result in a substantial increase in the sale of mobile phone badges to members and such increase in the number of phone badges could not only off-set the reduction in charges but also may generate additional revenue to the Club. Having considered the requests from members in detail, the Committee prima facie felt that the same be acceded to on an experimental basis, subject to the Club not ending up in making a loss. Accordingly, it was decided, on a trial basis, to reduce the charges for the first phone by 50% i.e. from Rs.2350/- to Rs.1175/-, for members only. However, the charges for the second and subsequent phone badges shall remain unchanged.
This reduction does not apply for purchase of mobile phone badges on Off-Course betting days and only applies for Pune Race days. The Committee will review this decision at the end of October 2014 and based on the outcome of this decision, a final decision will be taken as to whether the same concession be continued for the future or not.
Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd
Mumbai: 18th April 2014.

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