Track Work

Trackwork for 24 Mar 2023

600 mtr:

Star Romance (S J Sunil),The Godfather (Peter) 40.Pair easy.
Galway Bay(Shelar) 40 Easy.
Wall Street (S J Sunil), Giant Star (Peter) 39.Pair easy.
Perfect Man (T S Jodha) 40.Easy.
Demetrius (T S Jodha), Marlboro Man(N B Kuldeep) 35.Pair moved well.
Ocean OF God (T S Jodha) 39.Easy.
Geographique (Rb), Supreme Spirit (Kaviraj) 36.Former showed out.
Flaming Lamborgini (Rb) 35.Handy.

800 mtr:

Dalasan (Nazil) 55,600/40.Easy.
Kiefer (Vishal Bunde), Kirkines (Rb) 51,600/37. Both moved together freely.
Aloysia (Dasrath), Lady Di (V Jodha) 51,600/36. Both finished together.

1000 mtr:

Myrcella (Zeeshan), Lord Murphy (Rb) 1-5,600/37. Former superior.
Count Of Savoy (S J Sunil), Adamas (Peter) 1-0,800/47,600/35. Former finished 5Ls ahead
Jerusalem (S J Sunil) 1-4,800/50,600/36. Moved on the bit.
Hooves Of Thunder (Peter) 1-6,600/38. Freely.
Son Of A Gun (J Chinoy) 1-0,800/47,600/34. Pressed.
Sky Fall (Mosin) 1-3,800/51,600/37. Hands down.
Willy Wonkaa(S J Sunil) 1-4,600/36. worked well
She's A Teaser (Nazil) 1-10,800/55,600/40. Easy.
Opus Dei (Shelar), Always She Goes (Saba) 1-5,800/50,600/36. Former better
Buckley (N B Kuldeep), Ultimo (Ranjane) 1-5,800/50,600/35. Pair handy later to note

1600 mtr:

Gimme (Daman), India Strong (Parmar) 1-50,600/39.Both moved side by side.


1200 mtr:

Raisina Star (Amyn) 1-23,1000/1-7,800/54,600/41. Moved on the bit.
Regency Smile (Amyn) 1-25,1000/1-11,800/57,600/44.