Track Work

Trackwork for 18 Mar 2023

800 mtr:

Kimiko (Atul) 51,600/37.Moved well.
Golden Neil(J Chinoy) 51,600/39.Pressed.
Jet Typhoon (Nazil) 52,600/39.Hands down.
Vijaya (T S Jodha) 53,600/39.Pushed.

1000 mtr:

Balenciaga (Neeraj) 1-10,800/55,600/41.Easy.
Irish Gold(Mosin), Dashmesh Dancer (Vinod) 1-5,800/52,600/40.Pair worked well.
Leopard Rock (S J Sunil) 1-6,800/51,600/38.Moved fluently.
Opus Dei(Rb) 1-4,800/50,600/38.Good display.
The General (Bhawani) 1-4,800/50,600/38.Pleased.

1200 mtr:

Baby Bazooka(Nazil) 1-18,1000/1-4,800/51,600/39.Worked attractively.
Geographique(Neeraj), Kiefer (Shelar) 1-26,1000/1-11,800/56,600/41.
Pair easy former made 3Ls and finished level.