Track Work

Trackwork for 01 Mar 2023

800 mtr:

Giant King(S J Sunil),Lord Fenicia(Peter) 54,600/39.Pair pushed former ended 2Ls in front.

1000 mtr:

Maransh(Rb) 1-12,800/58,600/44.Easy.

1200 mtr:

Axlord(Rb) 1-27,600/45.Easy.
Cornerstone (Rb),Cascade(Zervan) 1-25,1000/1-10,800/55,600/40.
Later started 3Ls behind and pushed to finish level.
Count Of Savoy(S J Sunil),Giant Star(Peter) 1-22,1000/1-7,800/52,600/38.
Former started 3Ls in front and easily finished a length ahead.