Traditions for a kids Birthday!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make birthdays feel special. Check out these kids birthday traditions that are simple ideas with a big impact.

Trolls Popcorn

Trolls Popcorn -Trolls love to sing, dance, hug and eat this sweet, salty, delicious popcorn that is chock full of crunchy chocolate candy and colorful sprinkles. This fun popcorn treat would be a fun dessert for a Trolls Movie Night, a Trolls Birthday Party or just a random Saturday night. Pin this easy to make snack for later and follow us for more fun Popcorn recipe ideas.

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20 ways to fill your child's love tank on their birthday

20 ideas to make birthdays special. For example, hide balloons in their closet or the kitchen cabinets and watch their surprised faces when they open them. Take over their chores for the day. Let them choose what's for dinner, and at dinner have everyone name something they love about the birthday boy/girl.

Traditions for a kids Birthday!

How can you make your kids feel super special on their birthdays? Check out these simple traditions that make a big difference.