Making Life a Party: “Hi Five!” Five-Year-Old Birthday Party

Take pictures from the past year and maybe some with people who will attend the birthday party and put them in the shape of the age of the birthday girl/boy

A Letter to My Daughter, On Her 5th Birthday

Though our kids hit milestones every day, it seems, turning 5 years old is a big one. The 5th birthday marks the beginning of a big change...

Build Your Own Sundae Bar

Build Your Own Sundae Bar. What a great and fun idea for any kind of party or get together. I especially love the little mason jars for the toppings. This has got to be in the top popular pins!

DIY Candy Necklaces

Pink, Aqua, Gold + Ice Cream / Birthday "Mia's 5th Birthday Party"

10 ways to make your child's birthday EXTRA special

10 ways to make your child's birthday EXTRA special - magic in children's lives is what gives them special memories! Here are some beautiful ways to make your child's special day even more magical!

Art party: super cute fun party activity for the kids, and when finished, they can take their letter home as their party favor! Win, Win!!