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I love these capes! I have ordered them for each of my kids. They love dressing up as well as pretending to fight crime :-) These capes also make unique gifts to give as gifts as well. I have heard nothing but good reviews from the parents of kids who receive them.
Haven' t got a cape yet, just found the website, but looks good_ other company adult capes were too short_ am member of Xtreme Justice, a RealLifeSuperHero group_ we actually fight crime. Good prices too_ will definitely tell other members/ XJL about this site.
I'm not rating the capes. I don't if they're as good as they look because I never got my order.
Customer service was less than helpful. My grandson didn't get his gift and now my Groupon is expired.

Hi there,

We apologize if our customer service was not up to standard, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products and service. Please contact us at and we will resolve your issue. Even with an expired voucher code.
wow its a awesome feature to make customize capes.
Excellent cape! Superflykids were very accommodating in creating a custom cape for a beloved Cardiolgist. We love you guys!
Question. Are we able to add words or only a couple letters?

Hi there,

We are able to add an extra letters to the cape for an additional $5 per letter. We can even add whole words, however, this is not an option you can do on the website so please email us at for information.

How do I get the sparkles???

We no longer offer the sparkle fabric as an option, unfortunately.
However, we still have a lot of capes with sparkle fabric in our ReadyMade section.

We bought a super J cape last Christmas for our toddler and I ordered it a week and a half before Christmas and she made it happen for or family. Our son loves it and we will be ordering another for our other son too.
Awesome cape...Excellent material and design..LOVE IT..!!
Im wondering if you can make a cape with two (2) letters. My niece has named herself Lightening Girl and I would love to get her a cape with LG and a lightening bolt.
Thank you

Hi there,

Yes, we can make a cape with 2 letters. It would be an additional $5 for the extra letter and it is not something you can order online. However, feel free to contact us through our email and we can custom make it for you.

Thank you!
My girls LOVE the cape I got for my oldest and have begun fighting over it, I will be ordering another! The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is that I wish there were different font options for the customizable capes. Other than that, great buy!
Speeding thunderbolt cape makes anyone go faster than the flash and it goes to a special person Brandon Hwalek since he has the full costume.
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