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When heart rules the mind - By Usman Rangeela

Posted on - 19 Sep 2010


When heart rules the mind
An incident that would touch the hearts of the race-goers
By Usman Rangeela
Pune Mirror

    If you thought that horseracing was only about gambling and nothing else then think again. An interesting incident that occurred at the races last Sunday, though not publicised, would surely influence those who are not-so-sanguine about the game’s survival. 

    The intense rivalry between horses on the race-track and their connections is a given on any race day. It’s not to say that something different is expected of them considering what is put on the line is both the ego and money of the respective owners. 

    But the rare camaraderie between two high profile gentry that took place at the races here last Sunday was indeed heart-warming. The men holding centre stage in this interesting episode were former RWITC chairman Cyrus Poonawalla and HDIL’s chief honcho Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan.
    The occasion was the running of the inaugural of the Villoo C Poonawalla Gold Trophy, framed in the memory of Poonawalla’s wife who passed away recently.

Wadhawan’s visits to any race course are few and far between. He is usually seen at the running of classic events and naturally when the professionals entrusted with his horses inform him that he could lead in a few. 

    Wadhawan was in the city this week when he led in three winners and it would’ve been a clean sweep had Ocean and Beyond not faltered.
THE SMILES SAY IT ALL: (from left) RWITC committee member Champaklal Zaveri, Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan and Adar Poonawalla
     So be it but before the contenders for the Villoo Poonawalla Trophy made their way to the gates, Wadhawan and Poonawalla exchanged greetings in the paddock. Before parting ways, Wadhawan informed the latter that his property Ocean Odyssey would sprint away with the trophy. Poonawalla in turn told him that he was confident of winning the race with Dancing Glances, a desire stemming more from the sentiments attached around the memory of his beloved soul partner. Wadhawan quickly let him know that he would love to gift Poonawalla the trophy if his horse won. 

    Ocean Odyssey won the race and after the cup presentation formalities were over, Wadhawan wasted no time in handing over the trophy back to Poonawalla. It’s not that the cupboards in Poonawalla’s drawing room are crying for any silverware but this trophy will adorn a special place on the shelf forever.
    Thank you guys for showing us one bright side of this sport and all we can say is that: may your tribe increase.

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