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The VWroom with Vento Contest

Posted on - 25 Nov 2011

Predict five horses in the Jackpot races (2nd Jackpot races if the same is operating on the day) of the day and earn points over a period of two months. Contest is open on every Saturdays and Sundays of Mumbai racing, for all who bet an amount of Rs. 200/-(and in multiples thereof) placed on the totalizators and Fixed Odds betting at the Mumbai Race Course.
Each correct prediction will earn you points based on the WIN, Place dividends declared for the horse. These points will get accumulated until the end of the contest and the highest achiever of points will be given a grand prize of a brand new Volkswagen Vento Car.
Contest starts from 27th November, 2011 and ends on 28th January, 2012. Multiple participations by a single person are allowed.
Visit the Contest desk to collect your registration and entry forms. Contest closes five minutes before the start of first race in (2nd) Jackpot Pool.
** Full details of the contest are available at the Contest Desk.
**Terms and conditions apply.
**Betting requirements for all the contests of the day are independent.
The VWrooom with Vento Contest
  • The contest runs during Mumbai racing season 2011-12 race days held on Sundays and Saturdays starting from 27th November 2011 and ending on 28th January 2012(both days inclusive). The contest remains closed during the above mentioned period of the Mumbai Races held on days other than Sunday & Saturday.
  • The contest is open to tote investors at the Mumbai racecourse only.
  •  Investment of Rs. 200/- on the totes entitles an Individual/ person to get one entry form on producing his/ her tote ticket at the contest managing desk.
How to participate in the Contest: (General Rules)
  • Register your name for the contest at the registration desk by filling the registration form which contains a serial number which is unique. This is your Personal Registration Number (PRN) and it needs to be mentioned in all your future entry forms pertaining to this contest. Drop the Registration Form into the designated box at the contest counter but do remember to keep the counter foil. Save the counterfoil of the registration form until the end of the contest. You need to produce the same to claim your prize. The registration is a one-time procedure and allows you only one entry per day. In order to increase your chances of winning, multiple registration of an individual is allowed. For multiple registrations you need to fill separate registration forms to get more unique PRN’s.  
  • The contest is on the lines of the Jackpot Pool. You need to nominate five horses (one in each leg) of the advertised jackpot pool races like you would for a single jackpot ticket on every Saturday/Sunday of the Mumbai race day starting from 27th Nov. 2011 until the 28th Jan.  2012 (both days inclusive). The contest will be played on the Second Jackpot Pool whenever there are two Jackpot Pools declared by the Club.
  • Fill in your entry form clearly by writing the numbers of the horses of your choice in the appropriate boxes. Also fill in every other detail asked for in the form. Ensure that you write your name and your PRN accurately. Only one entry per PRN is allowed per day. No corrections/ overwriting are allowed in the entry form.
  • Drop your entry forms in the boxes marked for the contest at the designated desks.
  • Your entries will earn you points if your nomination is successful. The dividends declared for WIN and PLACE of totalizators of the Club for each selected horse will be the points earned by you. In other words your entitled points are the declared dividends of your nominated horse under WIN/PLACE. In case your selection is withdrawn, the same will be replaced by Tote favorite and points will be calculated accordingly.  For example, if the horse you have nominated wins and the tote dividend announced is Rs. 25/- on win and pays Rs.18/- on place, you earn 25+18 = 43 points on that horse/leg of the pool. If your horse does not win but places and fetches Rs.27/- on the totes for place only, then you earn 27 points. In effect, the higher the tote payout, the more you score! Only win and place dividends will be considered. Second horse pool payouts will not be considered.
  • One PRN is entitled to one entry form per day only. One PRN constitutes only a single entry (no permutations for this contest). Multiple entry forms are allowed on different PRN’s.
  • The drop box will cease to accept forms five minutes before the advertised time of the start of the first leg of the jackpot pool in question. Under no circumstance will any form be accepted once the boxes are removed from the designated tables.
  • If your entry on the entry form is unclear/scratched/re-written or raises doubts about the actual number of the horse, then that particular single race nomination will be considered void and no explanation/complaint will be entertained later on this matter.
  • The point chart of the participants of the contest will be ready for perusal by the evening of the next day of the contest. Efforts will be made to display the same in Club’s website. In case you find any error on your tally, you are requested to bring it to the notice of the RWITC Secretariat before the next race day or within 24 hours of the contest day in question. No complaints will be entertained after this stipulated time.
  • If we do not receive any notification from you by the said deadline, it will be assumed that the tally is correct and accepted by you.
  • If any participant enters more than one nomination in a single leg/s that particular leg/s will be considered void.
  • In case more than one entry form is received on a particular PRN on any day when the contest is in force, the Club at its discretion reserves the right to consider only one entry form out of the multiple entry forms received and no complaints/ claims will be entertained in this regard.
  • The highest aggregate achiever of points will be declared as the ultimate winner. In the event of a tie for the highest points, participant who has nominated more number of winners will be declared as the winner. If there is a tie on that as well, then a draw will be held among the achievers of highest points to choose one ultimate winner on a day and time suitable to the Club/ sponsor.
Terms and conditions:
  1. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions of the contest carefully before entering into this contest. The Club (RWITC Limited) reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  2. Participation into this contest is purely voluntary and at the sole discretion of the person/individual. Participant agrees that he/ she has understood and is bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.
  3. The Club reserves the right to refuse or cancel the contest without any reason therefore and shall be under no obligation to provide any benefits accrued under the contest.
  4. Nothing in these conditions implies any association or corporate binding between the participant and the Club/ sponsor, nor can this be considered any kind of a contract / joint venture.
  5. Contest is subject to force majeure events and situations beyond control of the Club/ sponsor.
  6. The participant has no objection to if his name or any other particulars submitted by him is displayed in the score board or in the website of the sponsor/ club.
  7. The prize will be delivered to winner on ex-factory basis. Any outgoings aftermath such as taxes, levies, insurance, incidental expenses, etc.. shall be borne by the beneficiary. The accessories, color, fitments as shown in the advertisements may not be part of the standard specifications or part of the won merchandise. No dispute on the won merchandize delivered to the beneficiary of this contest will be entertained.
  8. Employees of Sponsor, RWITC Limited, their affiliates or anyone connected with the contest and their families are not eligible to take part in the contest.
  9. There is no cash alternative and the prize / benefits are not transferable. The Sponsor of the prize reserves the right to change any prize / benefits of the contest at any time without any prior notice or consultation.
  10.  All rights as to choosing the winner vest with the Club and shall be done as per the procedure adopted by the Club with or without supervision of any third party.
  11. Club reserves the right to restrict /bar any person from participating in the contest without quoting any reasons for the same.
  12. The contest can be discontinued or modified at any time at the sole discretion of Club without stating any reasons; no claim in this regard shall be entertained.
  13. The Sponsor reserves the right to offer the prize to other participants should a winner be unable, for any reason, to accept the prize.
  14.  Participants agree to make themselves available for publicity if requested by the sponsor and agree to the use of their image/quotes for such publicity.
  15. The contest will be governed by the existing tote rules of the Club. All withdrawals and/or dead-heats will be as per the tote rules.
  16. The contest is subject to the terms and conditions of the Club. In the case of any disputes the decision of the Management of the Club will be final and binding on the participants
  17. It is assumed that the participants have read the rules and regulations of the contest carefully before signing their registration forms.




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