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Cherish Life, Swing to the Beatles & Feel Good too - By Mahendra Mallya

Posted on - 01 Mar 2017

Cherish Life, Swing to the Beatles & Feel Good too!
By Mahendra Mallya
It's a good life! One to Cherish until it lasts. After all we only have one, so why not have a blast all through and go with a smile of content someday? And isn't it a fact that your smile only gets wider when you bring a smile on someone else's face? Well, here is your grand opportunity to do just that by lending your support to an extraordinary musical evening at the RWITC lawns on 17th March 2017, 7 pm onwards where the Bootleg Beatles Mania will bring back the Beatles saga at our favourite racecourse, brought to you by the ever-concerned Cherish Life India Foundation, an NGO that works overtime tending to the needs of cancer stricken children and aiding them in their long battle against the dreaded disease. These innocent, lovable children have to undergo several medical tests and severe treatment and are forced to spend the best days of their lives on hospital beds. It is a harsh reality but yes, there is a part to play for each one of us in helping their cause and bring some cheer into their lives too.

Not many of us can spare the time to do-it-ourselves, although I am sure almost everyone harbors the intent to add to the list of 'good deeds' done in one's life. Organizations such as Cherish Life India Foundation provides the ideal platform for many of us to express our support to such noble causes and reach out to those in genuine need and in being an important cog in the wheel of a responsible, caring society.

Cherish Life India Foundation

An initiative of Mrs. Blanche Saldanha, The Cherish Life India Foundation, is an NGO founded in 2014 to support children suffering from Leukemia, Thalassemia & other Blood disorders and give them a healthy future.

The Foundation's firm belief:

• Every life is precious.

• The lesser privileged also deserve the best care that we offer, esp. poor children battling with cancer.

• By saving a life we give a second chance to the children to enable them to lead normal lives again.
Mrs. Blanche Saldanha, Founder and Managing Trustee of the Cherish Life Foundation says, "It is an enormous task, but I enjoy the responsibility that I volunteered to take on. It has been a successful endeavor so far and the joy of each is the rich reward for every one of us. We have designed a section of the hospital ward with vibrant colors and cartoon images so that the ambiance is cheerful, neat, clean and friendly and to keep the children in a positive environment. Factually speaking, poverty is the actual killer and when more people realize how even a little individual help snowballs into a substantial contribution, the chances are much better of ensuring that such initiatives benefit these young patients immensely," says Mrs. Saldanha.
As a first step towards making a difference in the lives of these children the Foundation has pledged financial support for providing the best medical treatment and  comprehensive care for the under-privileged and marginalized sections of society suffering from Leukemia, Thalassemia and Other Blood Disorders.

To achieve this goal the foundation has partnered with the Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and General Hospital, (commonly known as Sion Hospital). We have developed a 20 bedded Pediatric Hematology – Oncology ward, which will comply with the highest standards of medical care & deliver treatment to hundreds of poor children from the state of Maharashtra and other parts of the country. Our quest is to save these valuable young lives and if possible, rebuild a future for them.         

Cherish Life India Foundation pays for the medical treatment and maintenance cost of a number of children, along with specialized personnel such as Consultant Pediatric Hematologist – Oncologist, medical social worker, phlebotomist etc. & also the recurring maintenance cost of the ward.
The foundation has achieved remarkable results in a span of two years and has successful completed 11 Bone Marrow Transplants and treatment of over 2000 children suffering from Leukemia/Lymphoma and other blood disorders.   

To support a child throughout the treatment the costs go up to Rs 8 to 10 lakh for Thalassemia patients and Rs 3 to 4 lakhs for patients with Leukemia/lymphoma and other blood disorders. Funds are raised through regular donors and from donor passes sold for events such as the Bootleg Beatles scheduled for 17th March 2017. Every rupee raised is spent for the medical treatment of these little children.

The Bootleg Beatles Mania

The Bootleg Beatles are a Beatles-tribute band based out of the UK and are popular globally. They have been globe-trotting and mesmerizing audiences, recreating the Beatles magic with astounding precision and have won accolades the world over.   

The grand musical is organized by the Cherish Life India Foundation at the RWITC Mahalaxmi Race Course lawns, Mumbai, on 17th March 2017from 7 pm onwards with the sole mission to generate funds for the scores of children awaiting serious medical attention. For the patrons, this comes as a huge opportunity to support an honorable cause and relive the Beatles mania live which promises to be a nostalgic evening and worth travelling to witness and revel. The bonus is in knowing that your money is well-spent and will aid a young soul recoup in life.

To book event donor passes for the Bootleg Beatles Mania show and for voluntary donations towards the Cherish Life India Foundation you may please contact 022-26414793. Donor passes for the event is also available on

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