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Glimpses from the Handicapping Class - 1st batch

Posted on - 29 Nov 2013



Above, images from the first batch of the Handicapping Class, the new RWITC initiative

and below, feedback from some of the participants:


The handicapping class was very useful.

~Sudheer Maddikunta, Hyderabad


Many Congratulations to You & Vivek Jain sir for arranging such kind of classes. No doubt this will definitely help me to brainstorm my thinking and way forward path.

~Santosh Bandekar

The good:
You shared your invaluable TRADE secrets.
You explained the concepts in lucid language.
You tried your best to impart as much as possible in the given time.
You gave new helpful  insights
Your talk was well backed by RESEARCH.

What needs improvement:
Time Management: Permitting the particpants to speak in-between was disrupting your flow of thoughts/ideas.
In spite of this, I came enlightened from the class,though with a nagging feeling to listen more and more.

~Vasudeo Shenoy


Good, but time was short. Would like to repeat.

~Madhukar Sawant


Overall  the  experience was  good.  It  was  mentally  stimulating.

I  still  have to  go  thru  the  notes  that  were  given to  us.  Please  keep  sharing  your  knowledge  about the  sport  with  like-minded  people  who  are  interested  in  imbibing  it. It  will  do  you  good  and  will  benefit  the  club  in  return.

You  can't  think of  retiring  as  men who've  led  an active  life  should  stay  active.  Else  your  thinking process  will  shrink - please  don't  let that  happen.  Stay  young  and jovial  always... Keep  smiling...

~Ms Gitanjali Gurbaxani


Thanks for the class. I think its a  good intiative, however I feel the time frame was too short in order to learn something worthwhile. You need to start taking workshop for 2 days.

~Vinod Hassija


Three hours is a very short time to put across all angles of racing. At least minimum one full day or two or three half days is neccessary.

Your 43 pages of notes is real pleasure to study, and get insight of human mind. Getting real new angle to look at.

Specially, the psychology of a losing gambler, lack of four "S"s and how to overcome it, and the chapter on belief. This is a N.L.P. technique. I am NLP practioner, and your notes really guided me how I can use my NLP knowledge for racing. Thank you very much for giving me the new insight. Even the John Kelly story is worth it.

I feel the process has started to increase our skill to master horse racing. Thank you  once again,

~Ramesh Chawda


Thanks a lot for the handicapping class. It indeed was an honour to be in your company and listen to your wonderful discourse.

To me winner attributes, need for reducing decision making levels, and money management were highlights of the session.

I do understand that it is a very vast topic and cannot be covered in 150 minutes class, but still I came out rich with new understanding. It surely started a thought process in me.

~Vinod Vyas, Hyderabad


I was fortunate to get the confirmation for innaugaral session. It was a great interactive session to know about your horse racing knowledge, and it was good to see people sharing their thoughts.

The notes in the kit provided are helpful.

Again it was a good day at the tracks, but unfortunately inspite of winning the bumper prize of Contest of skill for the day I just could not claim it as the win of Muroi thrilled me so much that carelessly I misplaced the counterfoil setting, was disappointed for a while. But I would like to Thank you for the time you have spared for us to share your experience.

~Pravin Shettigar



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