Trackwork for 27 Jul 2022
1000 mtr:
Arbitrage (Zameer), Edmund (Gore) 1-10, 800/55, 600/41.Both finished together.
Truth And Dare (V.Jodha), Flying Scotsman (Ajinkya) 1-8, 800/53, 600/40.Former started 2Ls in front & easily finished a length ahead while later was urged.
Michigan (Aggarwal) 1-10, 800/55, 600/42.Moved on the bit.

800 mtr:

Soup And Sandwich (Shubham) 1400/600 in 56. Bolted.
Gangster (Zervan) 57, 600/42.Easy.
Magnanimous (Jay) 58, 600/44.Easy.
Scotland (Mansoor) 57, 600/43.Easy.
Farrell (Dasrath), Almas (V.Jodha) 53, 600/40.Pair handy.
Milli (Shelar), Away She Goes (Rb) 56, 600/42.Pair level.
One Wish (Ajinkya) 51, 600/38.Good.
Buckley (Ajinkya), Own Voice (V.Jodha) 51, 600/38.Both moved side by side former to note.
Sensibility (Ajinkya), Great Guns (V.Jodha) 54, 600/41.Both finished together.
Alpha Gene (Kaviraj), Supreme Being (Ishwer) 54, 600/40.Former finished dist ahead.
Kaitlan (Ajinkya), Menilly (V.Jodha) 55, 600/41.Both moved together.
Superlative (Ajinkya), Lady Di (V.Jodha) 56, 600/42.Former superior.
600 mtr:
Snowfall (Rb), Renaissance Art (Shubham) 42.Pair easy.
Courtesy - Bol Race Card