Track Work

Trackwork for 08 Mar 2023

600 Metres :

Treasure Gold (T S Jodha) 42.Shaped well.
Adamas(Zameer) 38.Handy.
Hela (Bhawani) 41.Easy.

800 Metres :

Giant King(Parmar),Lord Fenicia (Peter)52,600/38.Former easily finished 3Ls ahead
Buckley (Kuldeep), Ameerah (Ajinkya) 51,600/38.Later to note.
Stunning Visual(Nazil) 52,600/39.Moved on the bit.
Campaign (Kaviraj) 52,600/38.Urged.
Galway Bay (Peter) 51,600/37.Moved fluently.
Koenig (J Chinoy) 57,600/42.Easy.
Sunburst (Chouhan) 56,600/42.Easy.
Alexandros (Neeraj), Chenevix Trench (J Chinoy) 57,600/42.Pair easy.
My Princess (App) 55,600/40.Moved well.
In Contention (Kuldeep),Ugly Truth(Ajinkya) 53,600/38.Pair moved well.
Euphoric (Kaviraj), Winter Agenda (T S Jodha) 53,600/38.Former easily finished a length ahead. Later was pushed.
Brave Beauty (Nazil) 55,600/42.Moved on the bit.
Flying Scotsman (Ajinkya) 52,600/40.Pushed.

1000 Metres :

Corfe Castle (Kuldeep) 1-5,600/39. Pressed
Momentous (S J Sunil), Beyond Measure (Peter) 1-8,800/53,600/40.Both finished together.
Showman (J Chinoy) 1-6,800/51,600/38.Pushed.
La Belle (Kritish) 1-11,800/56,600/42.Easy.
Zafirah (T S Jodha),Vijaya (Gagandeep) 1-10,800/56,600/42.Pair unextended.
Count Of Savoy (S J Sunil), Giant Star (Mustakim) 1-3,800/50,600/38.Former pleased and easily finished 5Ls ahead.
Queen Of Kyiv (S J Sunil), Senorita D (Peter) 1-8,800/53,600/39.Former started and finished 2Ls in front.

1200 Metres :

The Godfather (Parmar), Jerusalem (Gagandeep) 1-20,1000/1-5,800/51,600/38.Former finished 6Ls ahead.Note.
Dagger's Strike (N.Bhosle) 1-27,1000/1-12,800/57,600/43.