The Serjeant At Arms Trophy (Class I; H'cap, Horses rated 80 and upward (60 to 79 eligible).)
(About) 1400 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 JOAQUIN59.00100Saamidd-PhoenixShazaan Shah
2 GAZINO58.0098Surfrider-La Joconde(USA)Nosher Cama
3 ST. ANDREWS55.5093Phoenix Tower-MachrihanishBezan Chenoy
4 GOLDEN GUEST54.5091Excellent Art-Queen's GuestD. Todywalla
5 SUCCESSOR43.0068Leitir Mor-Sweeping SuccessD. Todywalla

The A. Hoyt Plate (Class III; H'cap, Indian Horses rated 40 to 66 (20 to 39 eligible).)
(About) 1800 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 RASPUTIN59.0052Multidimensional-Anywaysmile(IRE)Imtiaz A. Sait
2 MANDEVILLE58.5051Multidimensional-AmbrosiaP. Shroff
3 AAH BELLA58.0050Multidimensional-Secret GardenImtiaz A. Sait
4 MYSTICAL ROSE56.5047Speaking of Which-Supreme PrincessM. Narredu
5 CHIEFTAIN54.5043Roderic O'Connor-AemiliaNazzak B Chenoy
6 CHANCELLOR54.0042Win Legend-WoodbergD. Todywalla
7 AIRA50.0034Varenar-Sayuri(USA)Karthik G.
Weights raised by 4 kgs.

The Flying Brave Plate (Class IV; H'cap, Indian Horses, 5 years old and over, rated 20 to 46 (0 to 19 eligible). (Jockeys will not be permitted the use of whip in this race))
(About) 1200 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 ARABIAN PHOENIX62.0046Tenth Star-Zahour Al YasmeenHosidar Daji
2 DILBAR61.5045Ivory Touch-Circus RingH. J. Antia
3 LAGERTHA60.0042Arazan-NoraAsad Siddiqui
4 JETFIRE59.5041Total Gallery-DaffodilsM. K. Jadhav
5 RED CARNATION59.5041Varenar-Charlotte Point(USA)Narendra Lagad
6 FLASH FORCE58.5039Varenar-Gavotte(GB)H. J. Antia
7 SHE IS ON FIRE57.0036Speaking of Which-Sacred FireN. Karanjawala
8 WAVERUNNER57.0036Chevalier-ShockwaveH. J. Antia
9 LION KING56.0034Win Legend-Sunshine Nell(USA)Shazaan Shah
10 BEEMER55.5033Leitir Mor-Black Magic WomanD. Todywalla
11 NORTHERN SINGER55.0032Chinese Whisper-Octagleam(GB)Narendra Lagad
12 BLAZING BAY54.5031Saamidd-Maria T(USA)Karthik G.
13 MAGIC IN THE WIND54.5031Leitir Mor-Black Magic WomanM. K. Jadhav
14 COGNOSCO53.0028Sudirman-Concept(GB)S. Waheed
15 CIPHER52.5027Excellent Art-Mooring(GB)Faisal A. Abbas
16 NEXT STOP THE MOON52.5027Win Legend-IntegrateImtiaz A. Sait
17 FLEUR DE LYS52.0026Arazan-Priceless MemoriesImtiaz A. Sait
18 WORLD IS ONE50.5023Arazan-Miss Danehill(IRE)Altaf Hussain
19 HILAD49.0020Speaking of Which-HighrazRehanullah Khan

The Municipal Commissioner's Trophy (Class IV; H'cap, Indian Horses rated 20 to 46 (0 to 19 eligible).)
(About) 1600 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 CHIEFTAIN60.5043Roderic O'Connor-AemiliaNazzak B Chenoy
2 ANIMOUS60.0042Ampere-WestphaliaKarthik G.
3 CHANCELLOR60.0042Win Legend-WoodbergD. Todywalla
4 LEX LUTHOR58.0038Tenth Star-Smoking BellHosidar Daji
5 MAJORELLA BLUE58.0038Oath-StarynesseySubhag Singh
6 SHE IS ON FIRE57.0036Speaking of Which-Sacred FireN. Karanjawala
7 AIRA56.0034Varenar-Sayuri(USA)Karthik G.
8 MIDAS TOUCH56.0034Saamidd-Springbrakemistake(USA)Karthik G.
9 SPECULATOR55.5033Multidimensional-ProlificSubhag Singh
10 COLD PURSUIT55.0032Excellent Art-Grey AllureD. Todywalla
11 IRREPRESSIBLE55.0032Ampere-Unquenchable(USA)P. Shroff
12 CHARLIE54.0030Planetaire-Miracle of LoveVinesh
13 DALI SWIRL54.0030Roderic O'Connor-PandoraFaisal A. Abbas
14 SINNER54.0030Excellent Art-Isn't She SpecialImtiaz A. Sait
15 TASMAN53.5029Arazan-AttractressSanjay Kolse
16 MURWARA PRINCESS53.0028Tenth Star-Radical AttractionFaisal A. Abbas
17 JUGHEAD52.0026Sedgefield-SolangeAltaf Hussain
18 NORD52.0026Kingda Ka-Snow Cannon(IRE)H. J. Antia
19 CAMDEN TOWN50.5023Phoenix Tower-Bernsteinkuste(USA)Imtiaz A. Sait
20 TEISPES49.5021Sussex-CaprianiH. J. Antia
21 CAPRIFLA49.0020Speaking of Which-Enchufla(GB)Imtiaz A. Sait

The V. R. Menon Plate (Class V; H'cap, Indian Horses rated 4 to 30.)
(About) 1400 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 CHARLIE60.5030Planetaire-Miracle of LoveVinesh
2 DALI SWIRL60.5030Roderic O'Connor-PandoraFaisal A. Abbas
3 DORMAMMU60.5030Planetaire-Kaimana(GB)Karthik G.
4 ELEOS60.5030Ampere-Quan Yin(IRE)P. Shroff
5 BRILLIANT LIGHT60.0029Strong Suit-Victoria HarbourImtiaz A. Sait
6 HYPERDIMENSIONAL60.0029Multidimensional-Prescription(GB)M. K. Jadhav
7 TASMAN60.0029Arazan-AttractressSanjay Kolse
8 COGNOSCO59.5028Sudirman-Concept(GB)S. Waheed
9 MURWARA PRINCESS59.5028Tenth Star-Radical AttractionFaisal A. Abbas
10 REMY RED59.5028Varenar-Luminous One(IRE)Narendra Lagad
11 M'SARRAT59.0027Top Class-DiamoniteRehanullah Khan
12 MARLBORO MAN59.0027Royal Gladiator-Moneypenny(IRE)Subhag Singh
13 SO SO SPECIAL59.0027Roderic O'Connor-Change of LuckD. Todywalla
14 EXPEDITION58.5026Lookin At Lucky-Sam's Grindstone(USA)M. Narredu
15 NORD58.5026Kingda Ka-Snow Cannon(IRE)H. J. Antia
16 CHARMING STAR58.0025Kingda Ka-Charmstone(USA)Narendra Lagad
17 AMPED57.5024Speaking of Which-AmbrosiaM. K. Jadhav
18 DAULAT MAI57.5024Phoenix Tower-Costa SmeraldaNarendra Lagad
19 INTENSE BELIEF57.5024David Livingston-Dhahab(USA)D. Todywalla
20 CAMDEN TOWN57.0023Phoenix Tower-Bernsteinkuste(USA)Imtiaz A. Sait
21 ZACAPA56.0021Ampere-ZazouNarendra Lagad
22 ESFIR55.5020Surfrider-AgilitySanjay Kolse
23 ROYAL CASTLE55.0019Arazan-Balmoral CastleNarendra Lagad
24 POWER OF THOR54.0017Whatsthescript-Octagleam(GB)Narendra Lagad
25 CAMILLE53.5016David Livingston-Let There Be LightNarendra Lagad
26 SILENT KNIGHT52.5014Smuggler's Cove-Precious ReplicaIvor Fernandes
27 ALPHA GENE51.5012Smuggler's Cove-Beldon Hill(USA)Ivor Fernandes
28 REGAL PRINCE50.009Varenar-Narmina(IRE)Narendra Lagad
Weights lowered by 1.5 kgs.

The Captain G. Hall Trophy (Terms, Indian Horses, 3 years old only.)
(About) 1200 Metres
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 HOUSE OF LORDS--Excellent Art-Mufradat(IRE)Narendra Lagad
2 INISHMORE--Planetaire-Ice Cube BabyNazzak B Chenoy
3 MIGHTY THUNDER--Ampere-To The Manor BornNarendra Lagad
4 PEGASO--Arazan-Festival NightNarendra Lagad
5 PHENOM--Multidimensional-Euqranian(USA)M. K. Jadhav
6 PRINCE IGOR--Basem-Double DiamondNarendra Lagad
7 TYRONE BLACK--Top Class-EternalNarendra Lagad
8 BALENCIAGA--Aclaim-Eskdale(GB)D. Todywalla
9 DIVINE THOUGHTS--Roderic O'Connor-Thoughts of YouAltaf Hussain
10 FAITH--Admiralty-PeritomorenoP. Shroff
11 GEOGRAPHIQUE--Golden Horn-Island Dreams(USA)Altamaash Ahmed
12 KARYNA--Excellent Art-Santa AnaKarthik G.

The Diego Rivera Trophy (Terms, Maiden Indian Horses, 3 years old only.)
(About) 1600 Metres
Foreign Jockeys Eligible
Horse NameWeightRatingBreedingTrainer
1 BOMBAY--Ampere-Gavotte(GB)Narendra Lagad
2 HOOVES OF THUNDER--Win Legend-NaftetaM. Narredu
3 IT'S MY TIME--Roderic O'Connor-Unforgettable YouD. Todywalla
4 JERUSALEM--Speaking of Which-Star of HarmonyM. Narredu
5 MICHIGAN--Ampere-Cogito Ergo SumNarendra Lagad
6 MIGHTY THUNDER--Ampere-To The Manor BornNarendra Lagad
7 MONT BLANC--Surfrider-SnowingNarendra Lagad
8 FASHION ICON--Roderic O'Connor-My LakshmiD. Todywalla
9 ZIP ALONG--Strong Suit-ZippingNarendra Lagad