Sop costumes

Cat- Mary Kay Halloween- Draven Howard by draven-marie on Polyvore featuring beauty, Mary Kay Puuuurrrfect Halloween costume for anyone this year! Never goes out of style :) Sop now at Beauty Consultant: Draven Howard State: Indiana

White Swan costume fanart fanart do Cisne Branco de Black Swan by mara sop …

Laos Textile, Traditional Apparel Costume: Tai Daeng woman, Ban Sop Hao , north of Sam Neua in Huaphan Province, wearing a sinh muk, characteristic of the Tai Daeng. a difficult cloth to weave

Beadnet Egyptian dress by Mara Sop c. 2300 a.C Wanna know more about this costume? Visit my deviantart:

Cleopatra VII Philopator Thea Neotera! I made a fanart of my egyptian costume. I wear this look in a party! Tottaly a Cleopatramaniac!!! … Essa fantasia eu fiz e usei! (olha eu ali na fotinho ao lado =P) by mara sop …

Halloween Special by Mara Sop ;) Well, she is not really a Halloween Costume, but she is a real diva of the horror, the Sleepy Hollow Girl, Katrina van Tassel! by mara sop

Halloween Special by Mara Sop It’s Halloween guys, and today I’ll post again all my costume party’s fanarts \o/ Let’s start with my Horror Divas: Morticia, Vampira, Lili Munster and Elvira ;) by mara sop

Finally my fashion history blog has their update! I made the Roman Empress Lucilla from the Gladiator. I really love the costume design from this movie. by mara sop

My Trojan War Girl Still in the hittite mood, I made Hekuba, king Priam’s wife from the Trojan War! Did you know that the trojans are a hittite people? Yep, they are! :D As is really hard to find good images of hittite costumes, and the Eric Shanower’s comic Age of Bronze is so accurated with this period, I use his Hekuba as inspiration! by mara sop