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Batman costume diy boy

Yep, we've even got a Batman Easter bonnet idea

A simple decorated headband looks just as great as a typical bonnet. Struggling for Easter bonnet ideas for boys? We’ve got loads of brilliant bonnet ideas for you to make, featuring everything from dinosaurs to Batman.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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21 Jaw-dropping Dresses to Sew

How to... Make an (Upcycled) Batman Costume

batman costume pattern - we made these super duper cute batman outfit from hubby's old work trousers. Simply the best upcycle every! Make your own DIY Batman Costume this Halloween!

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Soda Pop Bottle Rocket Boosters! Cheap and fun! Paint two 2-Litre soda bottles w/silver spray paint, hot glue them together when dry and add felt "fire" with Hot Glue, and Hot glue them to a small backpack. I picked up one for a Dollar at Goodwill. This will be a go to for all of the kid Cheap and Fun. I use these as birthday party gifts now too!

Bat Mask - In just 30 minutes, you can whip up a Halloween mask for your kids. This free sewing pattern is perfect for beginners.