Avengers birthday party invitations

Superhero birthday party invitations I made using Word. I downloaded free newspaper fonts and found the images on Google. After folding them, I tied each one with baker's twine and secured the envelopes with superhero washi tape!

Avengers Superheroes Movie Ironman Birthday Party Photo Invitations

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Newspaper Invitation -- Superhero Invitation -- Daily Planet Invitation -- Calling all Superheroes

Cute Superheroes - Captain America, Hulk, Thor & Ironman Birthday Party Invitations

Free Printable Superhero Birthday Invitations

These free printable birthday invitations are perfect for your next Disney Marvel Avengers or Superhero birthday party! Download these and the invites will be covered so you’ll have more time for the crafts and food- and cupcakes!

Avengers Party Invitation - Pack of 10